Patches September Edition

“Happiness, oh happiness,
waiting to burst forth from me,
happiness. “

As most of you know by now, I’ll be taking part in Patches street market at the end of the month – Saturday 25th September to be precise, as part of the Notte Bianca celebrations. We’ll be there all day (from 9:30am!) so come and have a look-see should you find yourself wandering aimlessly with nowhere to go 😉

With a little over a week left to go, work is piling up at the rosey household, and there’s still more to be done! Happily, the weekend is finally upon us – one in which I intend on finishing (and starting, but shh! don’t tell anyone!) a good number of projects. The boy is hard at work on his MA dissertation, so we’ll both be heads down working at our respective babies!

You can see some of the things I’ll be selling on Patches’ website, here specifically:

Hope to see your shining faces on the 25th! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Patches September Edition

  1. Babettopolis

    I come see yes?!
    really excited for you!! wish I could participate myself! 😀 instead I’ll come sit next to you for a whiel and smile a lot heehe


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