Post-patches exotic reveal!

After a supremely busy few weeks in the run-up to Patches Summer Edition at which I was participating, and after the success and generally great day of the market itself, (pic of moi @ my stall below!) I’m so happy to finally be revealing the jacket I collaborated on with Babettopolis, the unfinished version of which appeared, quite teasingly, in my previous post.

As was the case with our previous project – Maria Giuliana’s wedding dress – the design for the jacket and its putting together was Maria’s doing, whereas the design for the embroidery, as well as the embroidery itself, was in my hands. The match, it seems, was made in heaven, and here it now is!

I’m immensely proud of the outcome, and hope to one day be able to dedicate the time to do something similar (with Maria’s help of course!) for myself. The brief for the design was wonderful – I basically had free reign to throw in as many exotic fruits, flowers & birds as I could – and boy did I! The embroidy, as you can tell from the photos, circles the jacket’s peplum and runs across both sleeves in all black thread. Maria did the design proud and put it together with her characteristic flawlessness, leaving me very eager indeed to the next time we can cross needles 😉

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