Sunday morning market success

Every now and then, when it’s not too hot, I like to go on a jumble sale trawl. Having conveniently found a Saturday on which I miraculously didn’t have plans to go out in the evening (making the early wake up call on a Sunday morning relatively reasonable) a trip to the market was enthusiastically penciled in.

Despite the still-persistent heat (has the weather fairy not heard its supposed to be Autumn?), the turnout among sellers was a good one, and the football pitch that hosts the Sunday morning market in the beautiful Birgu was full of stalls carrying an exciting assortment of items. Fuelled by pastizzi and a very decadent pastry brought back from Sicily by the lovely Rachel, the morning was happily spent among dusty nick knacks, wartime relics and all manner of paraphernalia in varying degrees of vintageness.

I was, above all, on the lookout for vintage frames in various sizes, in order for them to be upcycled in a future Secret Rose project – and I wasn’t disappointed. I came away with 3 small and 3 larger decorative frames in all, and can’t wait to get started on what I have planned for them. Happy Sunday!

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