The Simple Things

I really enjoy cooking things from scratch, especially baking. Unfortunately, as is the case with my other (very many) hobbies and interests, I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I’d like to. Time is always an issue, but I’ve lately decided to try to keep Sunday as a day for doing things I love but often neglect. This should make the week ahead that much more doable!

Echoing this decision (and almost as if by fate) I happened upon a new magazine on a trip to the supermarket which I instantly fell in love with – both for it’s beautiful presentation and great message. Called ‘The Simple Things’, it focuses on the simple things that make life great. Indeed, it’s mission statement goes: ‘Celebrating the things that matter most…’, and I’m really going to try doing more of that whenever I can.

                                                                                Issue 1 of The Simple Things featured a recipe for a delightful sounding chicken pot pie, so I immediately earmarked it as a ‘must try’. I haven’t made a tremendous amount of pies in my life, but following the instructions to the letter, the result was a success (and was accompanied by much happy munching!)

 The kitchen adventures didn’t stop there however, as I went on to make a batch of vanilla cupcakes for my best friend’s birthday. She has an unexplainable love of sheep, so I decorated the cupcakes to look like a little herd of fluffy sheep using butter cream and rolling icing. I love their variety of expressions!

Last but not least is the first in a new line of products for The Secret Rose, set to hopefully be displayed for sale at Patches Christmas market. This time, I’ve decided to make an assortment of wall frames featuring an embroidered message. The frames themselves are recycled vintage ones, and I’m already itching to work on more!

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