Busier than Santa’s elves!

Following Patches Christmas market a few weeks ago, I’ve been hard at work on a variety of custom Christmas orders. Due to time constraints, I had no choice but to separate orders into three, i.e. ‘due by xmas’, ‘due by nye’ or ‘not specified’. So far, I’ve just about managed to finish off the ones that needed doing by Christmas day (excluding a couple that came in late, but should be done soon)… though still got loads more to keep me busy well into 2013!

 Among the orders intended as Christmas presents are a trio of frame diaries, a recipe book with embroidered motif (not pictured, sorry!), a little ornamental embroidered notebook as well as a variety of embroidered wall art with bespoke messages. 

 Amidst all the chaos though, I still somehow managed to do a little baking, and whipped up a batch of delightfully light strawberry & cream cupcakes for dessert on Christmas day (as you may have guessed, dessert generally falls to me!)

Must get back to it now though… designs to be drawn and embroidery to be done.
Happy holidays everyone!

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