A personalised wedding present

A wedding gift is often a difficult thing to decide on, but one thing’s for sure – personalised gifts are always special. A good friend of mine recently was the maid of honour for a sweet, small wedding in Brussels, and being a crafter herself, had something special in mind for the bride and groom.

I’ve since learned that monogrammed pillowcases were a traditional gift to give in old Maltese wedding celebrations, and I’m really happy with how this modern take turned out. Maria, who commissioned the pillowcases, found the two beautiful vintage pillowcases for me to embroider, and we came up with the design of an orange blossom garland around the initials of the couple’s first names (which, conveniently, both happened to be ‘K’).

A frantic week or so later, the twin pillowcase embroideries were ready for their trip. I’m so happy with the way they turned out and am told the couple loved them too, which makes me even happier! Here’s to many sweet dreams as they start married life 🙂

Check out this rare photo of me working courtesy of the boy 😉

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