The return of the perfect Sunday morning

Malta’s extremely hot summers generally mean that Sunday mornings are spent lazing about and trying to get away from the heat. Now that the heat is (somewhat) dying down, I can happily get back to some of my favourite activities.

High up on the list is visiting a car boot sale and seeing what treasures I find – which is exactly what I did yesterday. Setting the alarm far earlier than it’s been set on a Sunday all summer long, my boyfriend and I ventured to Birgu for a look round one of my favourite jumble sales, followed by a well deserved brunch in the village’s charming square.


As ever, I’m always on the look out for items that can be re-used or upcycled for my craft, and this outing offered up an impressive haul of vintage frames of various sizes (which I’ve already begun dismantling with a little help, but have yet to treat) to be used to frame embroidered wall art.


Besides things for The Secret Rose, I also happened upon a few items that I was delighted to give a new home. The first is an old wooden ‘Bovril’ box which I fell instantly in love with and, with a little TLC, will look perfect as a planter or as a container for odds and ends (I’ve yet to decide). I also found a dainty little necklace and a very old pair of scissors which I intend to get sharpened and use for thread snipping 🙂


Despite the still-present heat that tired us out quite a bit, it was a lovely morning, and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend, and are (reasonably) ready for the week ahead 🙂

Photos by the wonderful Richard Muscat Azzopardi

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