The definition of peace

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a much needed break from the daily grind to go on a mini road trip. We started in Turin, Italy, drove through the Alps (literally, via the Mont Blanc tunnel!) into Bourgogne in France (more specifically, the Cluny and Macon areas) and back again for a night in Valle d’Aosta, in the mountains.

We wanted the trip to be one in which we relaxed and got away from our stressful lives at the moment, but with the condition that I still find the time to work on some embroidery for Patches craft market (which is in less than a month!).


It worked out perfectly. Aside from seeing some breathtaking sights along our drives, both places we stayed (one in the midst of the peaceful French countryside, where we watched the most beautiful sunrise, and one right in the Italian Alps, with magnificent views of Mont Blanc) served as a perfect backdrop for both relaxation and some fun stitching.



From the delicious food, bucolic landscape and getting the chance to spend some time with Richard’s parents (who were also in France at the time), I came back feeling refreshed and happy. I will certainly be returning as soon as circumstance allows, for a dose of country air which I will have a hard time forgetting.



While in France, I also stocked up on some beautiful patterned fabrics for new items to be showcased at Patches – but I’ll keep those to myself for now!



Photos, as ever, by the lovely Richard Muscat Azzopardi.


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