The festive luncheon

In what has become an eagerly awaited (I believe this is true for everyone involved!) festive tradition among myself and a group of very lovely and talented ladies, our annual lunch took place last weekend at Vanessa’s pretty home <3

Besides great, homemade food (we’re each delegated a course and/or drinks/snacks), you can also trust these ladies for the most beautifully presented and thoughtful gifts and as ever, the best of company! Unfortunately this year, one of the merry bunch had to miss the festivities due to sickness, but she was there in spirit nonetheless (get well soon, Carla!).


This year’s menu started with a delicious mushroom soup courtesy of Alex (who was also responsible for the yummy peach bellini!).



The main course was left in the capable hands of Maria (I believe Vanessa helped too!) and it was the tastiest salmon al cartoccio, topped with a chubby king prawn. Some very yummy veg and potatoes by Audri finished it off brilliantly.




Later came my own favourite lemon cupcakes which, albeit not rising quite as much as they should due to some unknown variation in the recipe (oops!) still tasted quite lovely 🙂




Needless to say, it was a perfect afternoon spent in the greatest company. I only wish I remembered to take photos of all the lovely goodies I received from each of them! Next year, I vow to plan ahead and make personalised gifts myself rather than shop bought items, as this year due to the Christmas rush, I only got as far as handmade wrapping and tags 🙁 Thank you, ladies… until next time!






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