Alessandra’s Canvases

“Inti djamant f’nofs il-Mediterran
Għawdex int biss tagħtini s-serħan.”
(You are a diamond in the middle of the Mediterranean
Gozo only you give me peace.)

Back in March, I was contacted by a lovely lady who was looking for a unique piece of work to display on the main wall of her summer residence on the sister island of Gozo. She wanted the piece to feature the above lyrics from a local song about the beauty of the place, and together, we came up with an arrangement of canvases on which to display the embroidery.


Equipped with photos of the room it was to be displayed in, I set about creating a design using different fonts, in colours taken from the existing decor. A few versions in, we also decided to add a damask pattern on the corners of the largest ‘Ghawdex’ frame, for a little added pizazz!


With a larger project like this, and a (thankfully) flexible client, I was able to work on it in between other, smaller orders, and finally saw it come together a few weeks before Patches fair at the end of July.

The best part of this project is that is it completely, 100 per cent handmade. The wooden frames making up the canvases were even cut and constructed specifically to the size we needed by my boyfriend (and No. 1 helper!) while I hand embroidered the design. We then stretched the linen fabric over the canvases and neatly finished the backs with felt.


Having passed on the finished panels to Alessandra over the weekend, I was actually a little sad to see them go – having worked on them for as long as I did and happy as I was with the final result! It felt so great to see how happy she is with them though, and hope they pretty up her living room for years to come!

IMG_7805  IMG_7808

2 thoughts on “Alessandra’s Canvases

  1. Alessandra Dee Crespo

    They are just wonderful. They are particularly lovely when the sun hits them first thing in the morning.

    I receive lovely remarks from people who visit too.


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