A special request: custom dust jacket

While I’m used to coating new hardbound notebooks, sketchbooks and diares with embroidered fabric, I’ve recently worked on something a little different: a custom hard (but removable) dust jacket for a much loved book.

A detachable outer cover, or dust jacket, is usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations, but this book is particularly dear to it’s owner’s heart, so he wanted something a little special – both to keep it safe and dress it up nicely. I’ve always loved the look of older, hardback books that are beautifully designed, so I took the look of those as my inspiration here.


Based on the weirdness within, and equipped with a rough idea of what the book’s owner had in mind, I came up with an original design for the book, embroidered it, and set about coating a hardwearing card which I cut to size to protect the book’s soft cover. And here’s the final result, which I’m admittedly quite chuffed with! So much so, that I’m certain this won’t be the last  of the sort that I make 😉

weird  weird3 weird4

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