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The Fifties wedding package

Freshly back from an invigorating short break in Italy and France (which I’ll post about soon), I’d like to share a trio of items completed before I left, commissioned by one of my repeat customers – the lovely Marilu Vella.

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Bathing Beauties

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Still, circumstances beyond my control dictated that it was not meant to be (as I’m sure you can tell by my slightly rambly insistence on using long words to say something relatively easy, I’m currently writing my MA Thesis) so, do forgive!

The premise behind my post this time is to unashamedly show off Vida’s June shoot, for which I was creative director. I had wanted to do a 50s-style beach shoot for a while, and not just in order to have an excuse to feature a pair of old-school bathing caps!

So, here you have it, fellow bloggers – Bathing Beauties for Vida June 2011. Photography by Jacob Sammut Carabez. The bathing cap shot is extra close to my heart because they are my doing, and the product of a few hours of bonding time between my scissors myself – precious little time at the moment, what with the shackles of academia holding me captive! Apologies for the low resolution of the photos – my computer hates me!

Enough of the drama for now folks, till next time 😉