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Week-long celebrations

Woah, this past week’s been a crazy one! From a few days before my 25th birthday on May 26th (that’s right, next year marks my lucky birthday!), things have been quite non-stop on my end, with events (both birthday-related and otherwise) aplenty.

From a beautiful wedding (the bride of which I had the pleasure of making a veil for) and a cousin’s Holy Communion party to cocktails, house parties and several birthday dinners and outings with friends and family, it’s been one week-long celebration. It was even punctuated by a visit from the jetset brother! Thanks so much everyone, for the presents, food (and boy, was there lots of it) drinks and generally being all round amazing company. Here is some of what went down:

Despite being busy and generally being more out than in of late, I still managed to find the time (in true Secret Rose style) to work on a few projects, and more, as ever, are currently in progress! Here are a few of the things that have passed through these itchy fingers of late, among which being the aforementioned veil (which I’ll dedicate a proper post to soon), Mother’s Day frames, an anniversary locket and other assorted embroidery fun:

Birthday weekend

As I reached the big 2-4 last Saturday (that’s only a year away from quarter of a century!), I couldn’t have asked for a better celebratory weekend to keep my mind off my aging woes (OK, I’m really not that bothered, but still.)

The celebrations started early(ish) on Saturday, with my brother (who was over from Dubai on leave) and the boy making our way to Comino for a day of sun, sand and the smallest amount of ice-cold sea. That evening, a bunch of us headed over to Coach & Horses for That Swing Thing and a bit of guilty pleasure Eurovision-watching. I was very happily surprised by gifts from friends consisting of a voucher for a Deep Tissue Massage and my own mix CD of ghetto-cruisin’ tunes to accompany me now that I’m (finally) driving!

The following day, my mum, brother, Teo & I headed to Bugibba Square for a light lunch, before I made my way to Mgarr for a lovely girly picnic organised by Maria, Carla & Lara. The pretty location courtesy of a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-family-member (did I get this right?) coupled with a wide variety of yummy food (including homemade quiche, prawn & egg sandwiches and lots of sweets) and drinks (fresh rosewater lemonade & Bellinis) made for a wonderful afternoon.

Lara & Maria, nomming
Carla, making use of the swing
Me, opening presents! I should also add that the dress I’m wearing was also a present, from Teo.

This was made better by presents from the most in-tune gift givers, including a vintage magazine, cute storage boxes which I’ll use for sewing paraphernelia & a pretty felt bow hairband. Spoiled, me?

PS. Did you notice the new blog design? It’s been in the works for a while – what do you think?

Double Whammy: Swap Party & Birthday Presents!

Braid waist belt from ‘Sexy Lola’ Carla

I’ll start off this post with an apology, for what will surely be a very photo-heavy entry indeed. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps I could get away with submitting it as a thesis? Hmm, no… thought not.

So last week I was invited, along with a handful of other charming ladies, to Maria’s handsome abode for my first ever Swap Party. In case you’re unfamiliar with these (as I myself was a few months ago), the party centres around everyone bringing along their unworn and unwanted items of clothing, shoes and accessories and, quite simply, swapping them with someone else’s. Reasons for wanting to swap something might be that it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t look right or for whatever reason, you simply dont wear it!

A fabric covered necklace from Martha & charm bracelet from Claire

Understandably, I was at first a little apprehensive – I didn’t really know what to expect. Now, as Maria has said herself, I’m not sure whether it was the stellar company (I love meeting new, like-minded people!), the general relaxed atmosphere of Babette’s house, the delicious food strewn about, my impressive haul or the punch, but the evening turned out to be a great success indeed! It went on for hours and hours, and besides acquiring some things I’m really, really pleased with, it was just a really good time 🙂

And now, for a healthy dose of pictures!

A gorgeous purple midi skirt with buttons along the front courtesy of Carla! The colour shows properly in the detail pic!

A cute little polka dotted dress (again from Carla)

A pussybow blouse with a ditsy print from Alison

One of my favs – a vintage shirt with an amazing cut from Maria

A cute little crop top from the affectionately named ‘Hurricane Vanessa’

A pencil skirt made from beautiful fabric which fits like a glove!

A sweet high-necked dress in a cloudy grey colour (thanks to Karen!)

A sailorific anchor brooch! (hello to Mr Owl there too hehe)

A very pretty top with a lovely texture which skims the rear perfectly, and which incidentally, I wore this morning 😉

And for the piece de resistance, a vintage teal dress from the lovely Karen, which I’ve already worn – for my birthday!

And now for the second part of this post, speaking of my birthday.. I thought I’d share some of my fav presents with you, even though some, ahem, are still on the way 😛

Maria’s beautiful handmade bag & card – the girl never disappoints!

A gorgeous heart locket (thanks Jenny!) and my very own Cthulu necklace from Rachel 🙂

And to finally close off, a trio of beautiful rings from my most recent market trawl… self-gifting anyone? It’s good for the soul!