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A + M Pillowcases

One of the first orders that claimed my attention after the Patches artisan fair was this pair of custom embroidered pillowcases. Commissioned by a friend of the couple as a personalised wedding gift, they feature the couple’s initials surrounded by a floral wreath design inspired by the bridal bouquet.

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The Fifties wedding package

Freshly back from an invigorating short break in Italy and France (which I’ll post about soon), I’d like to share a trio of items completed before I left, commissioned by one of my repeat customers – the lovely Marilu Vella.

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The Secret Rose: Home

As promised, here are some offerings from the newly-appointed Home section that will be available at Patches market on November 27th. This is only an ever-so-slight taster, and lots more, in both sections, is in both the process-of-being, and patiently-waiting-to-be made.


These proved quite popular last year, and so I’ve come up with some new ideas and designs. There’ll be plain-ruled notebooks as well as brand spanking new 2012 diaries. The first of the bunch is this dressmaking-themed one, for which I embroidered a sewing pattern – an idea which came to me a while back but had to wait patiently in my sketchbook till circumstances allowed its birth.


Comfy and gorgeous all at the same time, cushions are brilliant because they really allow me space to play around with embroidery ideas – and I aim at having quite the variety (in terms of colours, patterns & sizes too)! This particular one features the first of a series of embroidered anatomical drawings which I’m calling ‘Biology’ – the detail of biological diagrams is something that’s always struck me as so beautiful in its precision, so me being me, I wondered whether I could transfer it into needlework (yeah baby)!


Bookmarks are a favourite of mine both due to their nature (I really wish I had more time to tackle my personal reading list) as well as their shape. They’re fun to make because no pattern/colour combination is the same, so its always fun to see how they turn out, coordinating fringe and all!

On The Fifth Day of Christmas

such a softie…

Sunday is, or should be, the day of rest, and where better to lay one’s head than on a comfy cushion? Alright, so these aren’t specifically made to serve as pillows for your head, or little pooch, (or are they? I did catch Roky looking at them longingly), they’re squishy and pretty – the best kind of combination 🙂

One of the things I specifically like to do is turn everyday household items into the sweeter, more pleasing version of themselves; making them both functional (as loose as that may be) as well as easy on the eyes. One of these mini cushions is fondly called ‘Crafty Mind’ and probably most suitably depicts the state of my very own (mind, not cushion) at the moment!