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Christmas orders bonanza: initial necklaces

The festive season is always a busy time for The Secret Rose, with the weeks leading up to Christmas Day generally being chock-a-block with orders for custom Christmas presents.

I’m a strong believer in unique and one-of-a-kind gifts – there really is nothing more special than receiving something that was created with you in mind, especially for you. One of my products that is particularly popular as a gift, especially at this time of year, is the initial necklace.

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Wonderful Life

dress zara, bangles monsoon

I think it’s about time for another fashion post, fellow bloggers! As usual, it’s late – but I really have been too busy, honest! Vida goes to print this week, and with deadlines come heightened stress levels (and good old fashioned man hours) at the office – please forgive!

top new look, skirt zara, shoes mango

Here are some of my favourite shots from July’s fashion story, inspired by the clean lines and moody sound of Hurts’ Wonderful Life. The model is the gorgeous Ben Azzopardi of Supernova Models, and the photographer this time was our very own editor, Richard MA.

skirt & shoes, zara

I’m very pleased with the way they turned out overall, despite almost having a melt down when affronted with a forced change of location at the very last minute (i.e. that morning)… the beautiful newly-finished flat in Portomaso we were going to use managed to get flooded due to a pipe bursting so ‘ooh er damage control’ was necessary! Despite the setback however, the team handled it admirably and I think that really shows in the final product!

dress zara, bangles accessorize

Bathing Beauties

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Still, circumstances beyond my control dictated that it was not meant to be (as I’m sure you can tell by my slightly rambly insistence on using long words to say something relatively easy, I’m currently writing my MA Thesis) so, do forgive!

The premise behind my post this time is to unashamedly show off Vida’s June shoot, for which I was creative director. I had wanted to do a 50s-style beach shoot for a while, and not just in order to have an excuse to feature a pair of old-school bathing caps!

So, here you have it, fellow bloggers – Bathing Beauties for Vida June 2011. Photography by Jacob Sammut Carabez. The bathing cap shot is extra close to my heart because they are my doing, and the product of a few hours of bonding time between my scissors myself – precious little time at the moment, what with the shackles of academia holding me captive! Apologies for the low resolution of the photos – my computer hates me!

Enough of the drama for now folks, till next time 😉

Double Whammy: Swap Party & Birthday Presents!

Braid waist belt from ‘Sexy Lola’ Carla

I’ll start off this post with an apology, for what will surely be a very photo-heavy entry indeed. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps I could get away with submitting it as a thesis? Hmm, no… thought not.

So last week I was invited, along with a handful of other charming ladies, to Maria’s handsome abode for my first ever Swap Party. In case you’re unfamiliar with these (as I myself was a few months ago), the party centres around everyone bringing along their unworn and unwanted items of clothing, shoes and accessories and, quite simply, swapping them with someone else’s. Reasons for wanting to swap something might be that it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t look right or for whatever reason, you simply dont wear it!

A fabric covered necklace from Martha & charm bracelet from Claire

Understandably, I was at first a little apprehensive – I didn’t really know what to expect. Now, as Maria has said herself, I’m not sure whether it was the stellar company (I love meeting new, like-minded people!), the general relaxed atmosphere of Babette’s house, the delicious food strewn about, my impressive haul or the punch, but the evening turned out to be a great success indeed! It went on for hours and hours, and besides acquiring some things I’m really, really pleased with, it was just a really good time 🙂

And now, for a healthy dose of pictures!

A gorgeous purple midi skirt with buttons along the front courtesy of Carla! The colour shows properly in the detail pic!

A cute little polka dotted dress (again from Carla)

A pussybow blouse with a ditsy print from Alison

One of my favs – a vintage shirt with an amazing cut from Maria

A cute little crop top from the affectionately named ‘Hurricane Vanessa’

A pencil skirt made from beautiful fabric which fits like a glove!

A sweet high-necked dress in a cloudy grey colour (thanks to Karen!)

A sailorific anchor brooch! (hello to Mr Owl there too hehe)

A very pretty top with a lovely texture which skims the rear perfectly, and which incidentally, I wore this morning 😉

And for the piece de resistance, a vintage teal dress from the lovely Karen, which I’ve already worn – for my birthday!

And now for the second part of this post, speaking of my birthday.. I thought I’d share some of my fav presents with you, even though some, ahem, are still on the way 😛

Maria’s beautiful handmade bag & card – the girl never disappoints!

A gorgeous heart locket (thanks Jenny!) and my very own Cthulu necklace from Rachel 🙂

And to finally close off, a trio of beautiful rings from my most recent market trawl… self-gifting anyone? It’s good for the soul!

Fashion as Distraction?

Hey all! Lots has been happening in the world of the secret rose lately, what with uni assignments having had to be written and work taking up the rest of the time, orders were left to pile up in my newly purchased ‘orders’ book – seemingly unloved and alone. Alas, now that the deadline is behind us, they have been taken to hand, and this week marks the beginning of what I hope to be quite the creative frenzy!

To start, some photos I’m particularly proud of from Vida’s February & March fashion shoots, for which I am creative director. Especially when I’m busy, these are what I use as my creative vent, having no time to pick up my needle and thread!

Vida’s February Shoot had a ‘modern vintage’ theme, inspired by whats happening over at Louis Vuitton and Prada. The wardrobe is from some of my favourite shops, including Blush n’ Panic vintage boutique, run by the adorable Sam, as well as fav high street brands Topshop and Mango. It was shot at the gorgeous Castello Zamittellu and the model is one of my favourite new local faces, Madeleine.

The March Shoot was rather different, playing on the theme of Carnival (which is quite big here in Malta) and giving it a fashion twist. The masks are handmade by yours truly – yes I gave myself an excuse to get crafty in the midst of assignments, what’s not to love? The model, Mandy, was so professional bless her, working hard to get the shot in the blistering cold at Isla – and, at least I think, it was worth it!

As for crafty ventures from the secret rose, many are currently underway, and I promise a post showing off the latest offerings sharpish! Have yourselves a good weekend y’all 🙂 Oh, and before I forget, those on the fair isles should really get there arses down to Patches Market tomorrow at Valletta’s indoor market – I won’t have a stall myself due to aforementioned assignments, but there’s sure to be lots of talent on show!

I’m a total junkie

Finallyyy here are the photos from this month’s Fashion Story for Vida Magazine! I really must say, this is my favourite shoot to date – everything just came together so well and I’m so pleased with the final product. Well done to all involved, let’s keep this great energy going 😉

Styling by ME 🙂 Photography by Jacob. Model is Sophia. Hair by Mandy. Makeup by Marian.