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The festive luncheon

In what has become an eagerly awaited (I believe this is true for everyone involved!) festive tradition among myself and a group of very lovely and talented ladies, our annual lunch took place last weekend at Vanessa’s pretty home <3

Besides great, homemade food (we’re each delegated a course and/or drinks/snacks), you can also trust these ladies for the most beautifully presented and thoughtful gifts and as ever, the best of company! Unfortunately this year, one of the merry bunch had to miss the festivities due to sickness, but she was there in spirit nonetheless (get well soon, Carla!).

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US crafts haul

Having spent the festive season in the United States,  first in New York then with short stop overs in Philly, DC, Baltimore and Atlantic City, I had loads to do upon my return – hence haven’t found the time (till now!) to share some of the lovely crafty things I brought back from my trip.

As well as some beautiful velvet ribbon and wooden gift tags from the lovely Anthropologie, when in Philly, I treated myself to a little (ok, not so little) shopping spree at arts and crafts superstore AC Moore. With seasonal discounts and nothing even close (both in size as well as stock) to this huge warehouse of craft supplies back home, a short visit soon turned into a two-hour-long spree, much to the chagrin of my long-suffering other half!

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Week-long celebrations

Woah, this past week’s been a crazy one! From a few days before my 25th birthday on May 26th (that’s right, next year marks my lucky birthday!), things have been quite non-stop on my end, with events (both birthday-related and otherwise) aplenty.

From a beautiful wedding (the bride of which I had the pleasure of making a veil for) and a cousin’s Holy Communion party to cocktails, house parties and several birthday dinners and outings with friends and family, it’s been one week-long celebration. It was even punctuated by a visit from the jetset brother! Thanks so much everyone, for the presents, food (and boy, was there lots of it) drinks and generally being all round amazing company. Here is some of what went down:

Despite being busy and generally being more out than in of late, I still managed to find the time (in true Secret Rose style) to work on a few projects, and more, as ever, are currently in progress! Here are a few of the things that have passed through these itchy fingers of late, among which being the aforementioned veil (which I’ll dedicate a proper post to soon), Mother’s Day frames, an anniversary locket and other assorted embroidery fun: