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Alessandra’s Canvases

“Inti djamant f’nofs il-Mediterran
Għawdex int biss tagħtini s-serħan.”
(You are a diamond in the middle of the Mediterranean
Gozo only you give me peace.)

Back in March, I was contacted by a lovely lady who was looking for a unique piece of work to display on the main wall of her summer residence on the sister island of Gozo. She wanted the piece to feature the above lyrics from a local song about the beauty of the place, and together, we came up with an arrangement of canvases on which to display the embroidery.

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Gozo & Birgu

Time has really been flying lately, and what with deadline week at Vida and the craziness that that implies (as much as I enjoy it), I’ve barely had any time to post! *sob*

Well, almost two weeks ago now my friends and I went on a mini trip to Gozo – the motherland (literally – it’s where my mum comes from)! We did some more touristy things than normal, visiting the Citadel and the Azure Window at Dwejra – places I haven’t visited since my childhood – seeing as some foreign friends accompanied us. It really reminded me of the beauty and tranquility of the little island – two things I miss terribly from my childhood summers.

cat love
Last weekend, the boy and I headed off to the Birgu jumble sale (something I also haven’t done in a fair while) and, despite the heat, enjoyed it (and my staple cheesey toast from the nearby kiosk) tremendously. I picked up some fabric, embroidery thread and ribbon (not that I needed it, but just couldn’t resist the vintagey goodness), an old coin purse and an crumbling book on The Animal World to add to my collection. Teo, unsurprisingly, bought some dusty old books 🙂

As for creative ventures, I’ve spent most of the last week working on *something* a friend ordered. Unfortunately, I can’t post any pictures of the finished project yet, because it’s going to be a birthday present, but I promise I will as soon as the surprise has been had! In the meantime, my desk: