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The festive luncheon

In what has become an eagerly awaited (I believe this is true for everyone involved!) festive tradition among myself and a group of very lovely and talented ladies, our annual lunch took place last weekend at Vanessa’s pretty home <3

Besides great, homemade food (we’re each delegated a course and/or drinks/snacks), you can also trust these ladies for the most beautifully presented and thoughtful gifts and as ever, the best of company! Unfortunately this year, one of the merry bunch had to miss the festivities due to sickness, but she was there in spirit nonetheless (get well soon, Carla!).

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The last supper… for a while

Even though this is another food post – making that two in a row – it will probably be the last in a while, so I thought it’d be a shame not to share it with you! The reason why I won’t be sharing photos of culinary escapades in the near future is a simple (and boring) one… you see, I aim to be on a health kick for the coming weeks, so any adventures in the kitchen will be understandably limited!

Seeing as healthy eating has been scheduled to start from tomorrow, this weekend I was (of course!) especially naughty 😉 For lunch I whipped out this yummy tuna pasta bake that was a favourite of my brother’s when he was on the island and went down a treat.

No naughty day is complete without dessert, so back I went to my new baking book and produced these vanilla cupcakes. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out to be the greatest tasting cupcakes to come of my cupcake-baking hands, and I think I’ll stick to my other cupcake recipe book in future, but hey – they still look nice, and will certainly not last long regardless!

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

– S

Definitively Delicious: The Kitchen

A couple of months ago the boy and I came up with a fabulous plan. A plan that involves good food, wine, (usually) stimulating conversation and a happy stagger home afterwards. We decided to take Malta’s ‘great’ restaurants and well, test them.

Tiger prawns in crispy potato strings with asparagus, seaweed and green pea sauce
The idea is that once a month, without fail, we’ll visit a restaurant reputed to be ‘great’ and, ideally, somewhere neither of us had visited before (although rules are made to be broken after all!) Upon selecting the place, we would proceed to ‘test’ it. That’s right, your full on three-course starter-main-dessert meal and will-we-won’t-we-oh-go-oooon bottle of wine. Last month’s expedition saw us visiting Mdina and the famous Bacchus, but due to a shoddy memory (not helped I fear, by the aforementioned wine) I didn’t get down to documenting it. This month’s pick was Sliema’s family-run gem, The Kitchen.

I am by no means qualified enough (my food likes and nuances leave much to be desired and my palate is as far from refined as you can possibly imagine) to properly review food, so the comments I make from this point forward are to be taken with a pinch of salt. This experience was divine ( I warned you!).

The boy’s duck main

I started off with salmon and crab ravioli in a curry sauce with a side of spinach draped artfully over the lot. It tasted divine. Teo’s highly interesting breaded fried egg went down a treat too. The best was still to come however, as my main course – Tiger Prawns wrapped in crispy potato strings with asparagus, seaweed and green pea sauce – totally hit the spot. The prawns were tender and wonderful, perfectly complimented by their crispy potato coats; and the green pea sauce had me licking the plate clean. The boy’s happily munching face confirmed that his duck was equally satisfactory. Topped off with our favourite Chablis, the plates were cleared quickly, and followed by a home-made vanilla ice-cream for myself and sickly sweet creme brulee for T.

We emerged happy and full yet remarkably, not in the heavy, luxurious way that you normally would after a decadent meal of excess, but strangely light and energized. I can’t complain 😉

And just so you know it really is me and I haven’t let a suspicious foodie take over my blog, here’s my latest – a notebook for the bestie’s birthday – hope she likes it!