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Christmas orders bonanza: initial necklaces

The festive season is always a busy time for The Secret Rose, with the weeks leading up to Christmas Day generally being chock-a-block with orders for custom Christmas presents.

I’m a strong believer in unique and one-of-a-kind gifts – there really is nothing more special than receiving something that was created with you in mind, especially for you. One of my products that is particularly popular as a gift, especially at this time of year, is the initial necklace.

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Initial here, and here

Last week saw a collection of one of my favourite items: initial necklaces and lockets. First, a bride wanted her own and her husband’s initials in a heart-shaped locket, as well as the date of their wedding day embroidered on a separate frame. As a gift to her two bridesmaids, an initial necklace each for them.

Besides their own initial embroidered within the locket or frame itself, I also like to personalise each necklace with a recycled charm from a thrift haul or old piece of jewellery. Besides adding a pop of colour, I especially love how this ensures that no two necklaces are ever exactly the same – it really depends on what gem I come across or what little treasure I choose to add!

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I’m back!

I’m finally back in action following a refreshing and re-energizing holiday half way around the world. After a couple of days to sort myself out, I’m getting back into the swing of things and once again turning my attention to a list of orders that won’t cross itself off! Watch this space for updates on creative goings on in the land of The Secret Rose.

Initial locket with key charm

The Secret Rose: Boutique

Upon receiving word that my application to take part in this year’s Patches Christmas edition was accepted, I think its high time to share what’s been happening in my crafty world! Having been unable to participate in any of Patches’ editions for the past year due to other (largely academic) commitments, I’m really *really* excited to be able to take part again, and to feel the creative juices flowing at such a steady pace once more! (I’m not even exaggerating – my hands need to be creatively occupied in order for my brain to continue functioning properly). So, without further ado…

In a bid to achieve some semblance of order on the stall and for The Secret Rose in general, I’ve decided to split my wares into two sections: Boutique (for all wearable items) and Home (decorative items including stationery, frames & cushions). The following are some of the first items from the Boutique section.

Embroidered frame necklaces

Made from recycled wall frames, these two are from a set of an eventual six. The embroidered motif or pattern is placed within an antique frame, which is in turn connected to a coordinating chain. There will be a longer and shorter length for these – as featured here. The necklaces will all be assembled differently and each will receive its own unique touches and add-ons.

Peter pan collar

Another item that will hopefully be forming part of a set, this collar is made so as to be easily worn with any high, round-neck item in your wardrobe for added pizazz (sp?)! Featuring hand-sewn pearls, rope braid and satin ribbon tie, I’m a little in love!

Stay tuned for another post, detailing some of the first items to go in the Home section, soon!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

Fanciful foliage…

It’s one day till Patches market and all my eager items are currently in various states of being packed, ready for their big adventure! One item I finished relatively early on is this fern necklace. Each individual leaf was cut by hand out of a beautiful, bronze coloured faux leather and sewn onto the rope braid. It certainly was time-consuming, but I feel, well worth it!

The wearer of this statement piece is no ordinary girl, but will have to have the personality to match it’s drama! Here’s hoping she’ll love wearing it as much as I loved making it 🙂