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Friends and Felicitations

Welcome one and all to the first post of 2012! A lot has happened since I’ve last posted, and I feel I must apologise for the prolonged absence… still, I intend to make up for it (it’s one of my resolutions – one of the long list actually).

These past couple of months have brought many happenings and changes, all of which have kept me so busy that I’ve barely had time to shut my eyes and take it all in. That’s where the resolutions come in. I’ve never really been one for resolutions, but this year it seems strangely apt. I’ve started working full time at Vida – have been for just over a month now! – and following the departure of our much loved editor Richard Muscat Azzopardi, it now falls to me to take on the role (at least for the foreseeable future), and I intend to give it all I’ve got.

Other resolutions have come via natural progression, including the ‘Great Spring Clean’ which I’d been putting off (you never know when you might need those JC physics notes…); getting my driving license (after numerous lessons and one failed test, the time is NAO); saving up now that I have full-time wages (one hopes that by this time next year I’ll be in a position to go house hunting!); not sacrificing that which makes me who I am for the benefit of others, even if I may be perceived as weird or, as I prefer to put it, eccentric; and generally being more organised and self-sufficient (this goes for The Secret Rose too, for which I intend to go onwards and upwards!)

And just so this post doesn’t become too text heavy, I thought I’d regale you with some pretty photos taken at yesterday’s posh girlie lunch at Maria’s – a belated seasonal gathering of some of my favourite like-minded ladies! Instead of buying each other gifts as we normally do, we each contributed a monetary donation to the supremely capable host, who in turn provided us with a meal fit for a queen. Not a bad way to start the year…

Cream of chicken soup Seafood vol-au-vent

Duck breast in soy & citrus sauce Rhubarb crumble

Rachel & Carla, looking delightful

Alex, avec daisies

Gustav samples the crumble…