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The definition of peace

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a much needed break from the daily grind to go on a mini road trip. We started in Turin, Italy, drove through the Alps (literally, via the Mont Blanc tunnel!) into Bourgogne in France (more specifically, the Cluny and Macon areas) and back again for a night in Valle d’Aosta, in the mountains.

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Sicilian Sensations

Following a long weekend getaway in the picturesque island of Sicily, I feel my energy is restored. There is beauty everywhere – within the old countryside farmhouse we stayed in courtesy of a (very lucky) friend, as well as every single place you turn your head.

You know it’s special when the drive leading up to a ‘place of interest’ (as the guidebook/friend’s advice dictates) turns into a visual feast of scenery that will make even the most insect-fearing, artifice-loving city girl swoon.

I know what you’re thinking. Living in an Mediterranean island paradise, I really can’t complain, or want for beautiful scenery; but, what is starkly obvious after a few days in Sicily, is our distinct lack of countryside. I know I need to visit pretty places, and often too – it’s good for the soul, it grants peace. For now however, it’s back to work – not that I mind, of course 🙂