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Christmas orders bonanza: initial necklaces

The festive season is always a busy time for The Secret Rose, with the weeks leading up to Christmas Day generally being chock-a-block with orders for custom Christmas presents.

I’m a strong believer in unique and one-of-a-kind gifts – there really is nothing more special than receiving something that was created with you in mind, especially for you. One of my products that is particularly popular as a gift, especially at this time of year, is the initial necklace.

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The return of the perfect Sunday morning

Malta’s extremely hot summers generally mean that Sunday mornings are spent lazing about and trying to get away from the heat. Now that the heat is (somewhat) dying down, I can happily get back to some of my favourite activities.

High up on the list is visiting a car boot sale and seeing what treasures I find – which is exactly what I did yesterday. Setting the alarm far earlier than it’s been set on a Sunday all summer long, my boyfriend and I ventured to Birgu for a look round one of my favourite jumble sales, followed by a well deserved brunch in the village’s charming square.

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Valentine’s gift box & recent orders :)

I thought it’s about time for a round up of recent projects! I’ve been working on a lot lately, albeit at a relatively slow (for me) pace due to the full time job I’m still doing my best to adjust to, as well as attempting to make room for a spot of exercise after work.

To start off with, here’s a little gift box I put together for the boy for Valentine’s day/our three year anniversary. The main item is, of course, the diary featuring an embroidered anatomical drawing of a human heart – as romantic as I’m going to get 😉

Another exciting event that took place this past month was Hey Birdie-Pie! & the Soap Cafe‘s KISS & MAKEUP event – a combined makeup launch & vintage pop-up shop. A little while ago, Lara of Hey Birdie-Pie had approached me to revamp a pair of ‘blah’ vintage skirts for this event, and here’s the outcome. Coincidentally, the deep red skirt hadn’t been out in the light of day for five minutes before the creepily colour co-ordinated Maria of Babettopolis snapped it up. It looked a treat on her, almost as if it was a custom order!

– Pimped pencil skirts 🙂

– The grey skirt looking gorgeous on a model for the event’s promo shots by Daniel Vella
– Maria’s insane colour co-ordinated tights & shoes – how could you deny fate?

Other miscellaneous orders included an embroidered compass diary, and not one but two piano notebooks! I can also disclose that there are some very exciting projects ahead, featuring a familiar collaborative partner – but that’s all I’ll say for now 😉

– embroidered compass diary for my air steward brother

– piano notebooks


Fashion as Distraction?

Hey all! Lots has been happening in the world of the secret rose lately, what with uni assignments having had to be written and work taking up the rest of the time, orders were left to pile up in my newly purchased ‘orders’ book – seemingly unloved and alone. Alas, now that the deadline is behind us, they have been taken to hand, and this week marks the beginning of what I hope to be quite the creative frenzy!

To start, some photos I’m particularly proud of from Vida’s February & March fashion shoots, for which I am creative director. Especially when I’m busy, these are what I use as my creative vent, having no time to pick up my needle and thread!

Vida’s February Shoot had a ‘modern vintage’ theme, inspired by whats happening over at Louis Vuitton and Prada. The wardrobe is from some of my favourite shops, including Blush n’ Panic vintage boutique, run by the adorable Sam, as well as fav high street brands Topshop and Mango. It was shot at the gorgeous Castello Zamittellu and the model is one of my favourite new local faces, Madeleine.

The March Shoot was rather different, playing on the theme of Carnival (which is quite big here in Malta) and giving it a fashion twist. The masks are handmade by yours truly – yes I gave myself an excuse to get crafty in the midst of assignments, what’s not to love? The model, Mandy, was so professional bless her, working hard to get the shot in the blistering cold at Isla – and, at least I think, it was worth it!

As for crafty ventures from the secret rose, many are currently underway, and I promise a post showing off the latest offerings sharpish! Have yourselves a good weekend y’all 🙂 Oh, and before I forget, those on the fair isles should really get there arses down to Patches Market tomorrow at Valletta’s indoor market – I won’t have a stall myself due to aforementioned assignments, but there’s sure to be lots of talent on show!