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Monogrammed wedding gift

Wedding season is in full swing in Malta, and amidst attending a few myself, I also get a fair few wedding gift commissions. This particular order was one of my favourite yet, as included two pieces which go together – first, a pair of embroidered pillowcases, and second, a set of six embroidered linen dinner napkins.

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A + M Pillowcases

One of the first orders that claimed my attention after the Patches artisan fair was this pair of custom embroidered pillowcases. Commissioned by a friend of the couple as a personalised wedding gift, they feature the couple’s initials surrounded by a floral wreath design inspired by the bridal bouquet.

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Of peace, joy and love: custom wedding souvenirs

Fresh from the madness running up to Patches artisan fair on December 1st, comes the Christmas order rush. With not long to go before I close up shop for two weeks for my festive holidays on December 21st, there’s plenty going on. Before I can share any of that however, I’m so pleased to finally able to share a selection of photos of the project that filled many a day’s work pre-market craziness: customĀ  souvenirs for a winter wedding.

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The Fifties wedding package

Freshly back from an invigorating short break in Italy and France (which I’ll post about soon), I’d like to share a trio of items completed before I left, commissioned by one of my repeat customers – the lovely Marilu Vella.

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Initial here, and here

Last week saw a collection of one of my favourite items: initial necklaces and lockets. First, a bride wanted her own and her husband’s initials in a heart-shaped locket, as well as the date of their wedding day embroidered on a separate frame. As a gift to her two bridesmaids, an initial necklace each for them.

Besides their own initial embroidered within the locket or frame itself, I also like to personalise each necklace with a recycled charm from a thrift haul or old piece of jewellery. Besides adding a pop of colour, I especially love how this ensures that no two necklaces are ever exactly the same – it really depends on what gem I come across or what little treasure I choose to add!

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Week-long celebrations

Woah, this past week’s been a crazy one! From a few days before my 25th birthday on May 26th (that’s right, next year marks my lucky birthday!), things have been quite non-stop on my end, with events (both birthday-related and otherwise) aplenty.

From a beautiful wedding (the bride of which I had the pleasure of making a veil for) and a cousin’s Holy Communion party to cocktails, house parties and several birthday dinners and outings with friends and family, it’s been one week-long celebration. It was even punctuated by a visit from the jetset brother! Thanks so much everyone, for the presents, food (and boy, was there lots of it) drinks and generally being all round amazing company. Here is some of what went down:

Despite being busy and generally being more out than in of late, I still managed to find the time (in true Secret Rose style) to work on a few projects, and more, as ever, are currently in progress! Here are a few of the things that have passed through these itchy fingers of late, among which being the aforementioned veil (which I’ll dedicate a proper post to soon), Mother’s Day frames, an anniversary locket and other assorted embroidery fun: